Friday, February 17, 2006


Caltrans is working on the extension to route 52 in Santee and the mother eating machines are out there chewing up Forester creek. What was an ecosystem for migrating birds and local critters is now stripped barren. The 2 snowey egrets I saw on a walk through there last week before the work began were circling one of the giant steel jawed machines, landing a little while later to take in the view of their new landscape. The saddest part of it all is that the new freeway will be obsolete the day it opens and the machines will continue chewing their way through the planet.

Where will the working class live in San Diego in the near future? Are they going to be pushed out as well? Unless a person has roomates or a working spouse, it is impossible to live here now on a working class wage. But what will the future residents do when they need a carpenter to come out? Or a plumber? Can they continue to get their furniture at Ikea or their clothes at WalMart as the oil shortages increase the cost of shipping goods from China?
Seems to me that a working person ought to be able to do well here in the future if they can hang on to a place to live. Now that we have a service based economy and all the trade shops in high school are closing down, people skilled in the crafts are becoming a rarity and should be able to demand the highest of wages.


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