Saturday, March 25, 2006

They had to be squirming................

as they grinned through their teeth at the sign I held towards them...........
The Cost of War
US Casualties
2,313 Dead
16,653 Wounded
Were they squirming? Or are they so heartless that they really do think it's funny?

"Pancakes for Peace" first of many "Dumpin Duncan" events came off without a hitch yesterday.
A small but noisey group greeted his guests as they arrived for their "Sweet potato pancakes" all dressed up in their finery and driving fancy cars. The ones that didn't laugh looked away as though they had seen something horrible. Some of the older members of our group took up the point farther up the road with American flags waving and signs addressing the economy and the graft that permeates our federal government. Then came the "Pancakes for Peace Wagon" and Beachblogger, Pat , Ken from the San Diego Greens and others waving signs "Support our troops, don't kill them"" Dumpin Duncan""Impeach Bush". Duncans guests were offered free "Pancakes for Peace" but instead chose to enter the Sheraton where they would spend $150 a plate for war pancakes. Before they could enter though they had to pass the Ground Zero Players who occupied the corner of the hotels entrance. Dressed as the bush administration, they reached out to the arrivees with "blood on their hands"! Later the players invaded the breakfast inside...... and were escorted back out.
Democratic candidate for the 52nd district Congress, Karen Otter was there waving a "Dumpin Duncan" sign and listening to her potential constituents express their concerns and issues to the arrivees and left with a very good idea of what will be expected of the winner of the 52nd in November.


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