Saturday, September 16, 2006

Falling man......

Just read an interesting article on the "falling man" and the rest of the jumpers from the towers and I was saddened to find out what a taboo it is considered to be for a person to leap from a burning building.
In a search for clues to falling man's identity, the families of possible jumpers were approached and many expressed outrage that their family member would do such a thing. Religious morals seemed to play a large part in their rejection. What bothers me is the idea that they were commiting suicide at all. It seems to me that staying in that building would be suicidal. I doubt very much that the jumpers, at least the vast majority had suicidal tendencies. It was probably pretty obvious to them that no one, not even Jesus would be coming to their rescue. What would you do? Would you allow yourself to succumb to the searing heat and asphyxiation that was enveloping you? I know it's hard to predict what my real reaction would be from the comfort of my easy chair, but I can assure you that my decision would not be clouded by religious ethical debate. I'm certain I too would take the leap. A chance for a breath of fresh air, to maintain conciousness for ten more seconds. To fly one time before I died.
Read the article here at Esquire

Another interesting note with religious overtones appears in an article in Science about washing away sin. Literally. Yes, it seems that people seem to believe that they can absolve themselves from immoral acts by washing their hands or taking a shower. Even a little volunteerism seems to do the trick for some, which made me wonder if that was why Bush sat there in the school and continued to read "My pet Goat" after receiving word of the attacks. Maybe he really did know more than he let on.
Seems to me there could be a strong market for some kind of "Ethical Handi Wipe" Removes blood and other impurities in a Jiffy!
You'll have to subscribe to the magazine to see the article in full but you can read the abstract here and supporting material here. Enjoy! And don't forget to wash up, soap and water won't kill sin but it does make it easier to slide off!


At 9/16/2006 10:53 AM, Blogger beachblogger said...

wash away my cares and woes
bye bye black bird.


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