Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's it all about Alfie......????

Everyone say what you will about Bush or Clinton or Obama or...........?
Always keep in mind that what goes on in the Middle East is always tied to the Carter Doctrine's pledge to protect US oil interests in the region.
The war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia and the threats to Iran all have a common purpose, to secure the US's access to oil.
We need oil as does the rest of the world, so it's not something we can ignore or walk away from. However, I take issue with the methods used.
Using force to intimidate competitors or clients is a tact that won't work in the long run. Using dictators or warlords to do our bidding will always come back to bite us in the ass.
I would suggest that rather than arguing about which political party is at fault or "the problem", we should focus our attention on the tired old government policy that has been employed by both parties for the last 30 something years that insists on using a sledgehammer and a kick in the ass to get the required results, which somehow never seem to work.
If you know your history, you are aware that the former Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin laden and a host of others were all at one time taking handouts from US in exchange for their cooperation in facilitating our policies.
None of those gambits have ever produced positive results and all have ended in war. Currently we are supporting and paying warlords in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa to "help" us. In the years to come, these are the characters we will be going to war against. This is a failed policy that time and time again has proven its uselessness.
Bush failed to change this situation continued it and Obama is likely to do the same. It appears as though all presidents are vetted and allowed into the upper political arena by "the powers that be", ie the military industrial complex and are obliged or steered towards this policy by the true policy makers. Any government agency such as the Pentagon or CIA that employs mostly current or former executives from companies such as Lockheed or Boeing or other weapons manufacturers is bound to espouse the beliefs of their companies and to choose policy that benefits those companies over policy that benefits "US".
Going after the president in this case is like killing ants above ground and never reaching the source which is below ground and out of site.


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