Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chickenhawks vs. Chickenshits

Rethuglican grifter Tom Delay resigned from congress and left the building with a smile on his face while walking past a huge receiving line the likes of which are usually reserved for presidents or royalty. As is typical of the rethugs, they stick together and support each other to the end.

Meanwhile Cynthia McKinney protects herself from physical assault and her dem. colleagues scatter like chickens. I'm embarrassed to be a democrat. I wish they would stand up for each other. Shame on Ms. Pelosi and the rest of them for deferring to the thugs and letting them frame the issue once again.

I wish Ms. McKinney were my rep. instead of that creep Duncan Hunter. Unlike the rest of the Dems. she's a fighter and not a chickenshit!


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