Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nothing says ‘God’s love’ like an elite killing machine.

The right wing propaganda machine keeps rolling along, this time coming in the form of a program called
"Battlecry" which is taking aim at the religious folks impressionable young children. Relying on the old tried and true ( but false) notion that the country is going down the toilet because of drug addicted, sex fiend liberals, Ron Luce is pimping this new/old fashioned story in hopes of scaring the shit out of people and making a ton of money in the process. Ironically one of the enemies he identifies is Corporate America who according to Ron will stoop at nothing to sell our childrens soul for a profit. Listen Here to a presentation he gave recently at Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego.
Statistically speaking, he is very very full of #hit. Here is a map showing the highest concentration of Baptist churches in the USA, then compare that to the maps showing the highest rates of venereal disease and methamphetamine production in this country. These are just 2 examples of many that refute this latest attempt at demonizing for dollars.
Hopefully most if not all of these kids will see through this BS and find a happier more satifying lifestyle that isn't driven by fear. Parents, you might want to go with your children if they insist on going to one of these shows or at least be aware that they will be subjected to some very intense recruiting to join the military, to join the fight against fellow Americans.


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