Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Memo to Democratic leadership

The picture above represents a days work for me. $480 shop rate if I did this for a customer. A total of 72 11" x 8 1/2" color prints that only represent the first 2 months of this horrid excursion into nightmareland. I could print thousands more of the carnage that has followed those dreadfull first 2 months, anything from the "accidental" bombing or shooting of civilians to the full outright genocide that occured in Falluja. The people of this country have not been given the opportunity to see these because of censorship in the news media and it is my intention to post these in full public view on Sunday morning, Mothers Day. It is very important for the general public to be fully aware of the results of our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and I have decided to spend my time informing people so that they may understand that if they support the war then they support the killing and maiming of innocent women and children.
The present federal administration is guilty of war crimes. The democratic party's refusal to acknowledge this and to press for criminal charges in this case is abhorrent. I feel your current strategy of ignoring this subject makes you complicent in these crimes. You continually send me letters asking for money to aid in your struggle to un-seat the republicans yet you offer no real alternatives. You speak of presenting a "tough" image to the American public as a means of getting elected, as though you are trying to sell a more palatable "product" rather than speaking for and advocating "Truth justice and the American Way". Tell me, if "tough" is what your selling, how do you differ from the republicans?
Can you look at those pictures and then tell me that in order to get elected that you're going to do the same thing to Iranian women and children? Do you think that will get my support? Can you tell American mothers that you will ask their sons and daughters to kill other mothers sons and daughters and expect them to vote for you? How does that differ from the republicans? Why should I vote for you? Because you will have a kinder, gentler machine gun hand? Your current strategy of trying to marginalize the anti-war movement is reminiscent of many republican administrations of the past as well as democrat.
Who of my age can forget the "68" Chicago convention with Hubert Humphrey at the podium trying to present the party as "centrist" as the police outside the convention hall rioted and beat people, even passersby? And what fruit did that chickenshit stance bear? You lost! To Richard Nixon, who shortly thereafter was qouted as saying," The greatest obstacle to victory in Vietnam is the anti-war movement".
Aren't you at risk of becoming irrelevant? That's not the kind of sales pitch I'm looking for.
You wish to marginalize the anti-war movement because you're afraid you'll lose. Do you then agree with my republican congressman Duncan Hunter when he describes protesters as "out of work lefties"?
A great number of people in this country are afraid, un-justifiably so of muslims. Do you feel it is proper to contribute to this fear as a means to getting elected? How about confronting their fear with the facts instead? Remind them that more people are killed by diseases that could be cured with the monies spent on war. Remind them that more people are killed in un-safe vehicles that could be made safer through regulation. Remind them that more people are killed each year by their own friends and relatives. Remind them that more people are killed by common household toxins. Terrorists have a long way to go before they can compete with the more common and preventable killers.
Do you know that people are afraid to speak up? Why not show real leadership and speakup?
I recently encountered a methodist minister who was afraid to confront his concregation with the truth for fear of loosing them. Isn't he at risk of becoming irrelevant? A large majority of Americans claim to be Christian, can you not appeal to them as believers in the "Prince of Peace"? Or are you afraid of losing them?
Like it or not, the anti-war movement will not go away. We are more dedicated than you and un-like you, when the goons come for you, we will speak up. We are not afraid.
Please don't ask me again for money, I have none to give. But I do have myself to give and that labor will go towards what is right not "what sells".
Keep your Hillary and Biden and Joe Lieberman, I'm not buying. And Howard Dean? You're embarrassing, I thought you were a fighter. I was proud of you when you went postal in that campaign speech in Iowa and ashamed for the party when they allowed the repubs to do a negative spin on it. I joined the dems this year to fight the republicans and that I will. But I'm a green at heart and a patriotic American to boot. So if you do win in November, which if you continue on your present course, you won't, your corruptive practices and ethics will be my next target. I'm not stopping, we're not stopping, because anything short of justice for all Americans is un-acceptable to us.
Why don't you switch parties? Or better yet, after you lose in November why don't you just go sell vacuum cleaners?

Photos reprinted courtesy of Informationclearinghouse.

Above memo sent to the Democratic Party May 10 2006


At 5/11/2006 6:30 PM, Blogger beachblogger said...

Yeah! I want a guy that can scream! I want a lady who's ready to kick some ass! The d3c just called me, but you know what? all politics are local. Happy mother's day.

At 5/23/2006 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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