Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Freedom Cruise 2006" All aboard the good ship Olliepop....

Looks the the rethuglicans have found yet another novel and hard to trace fundraising activity.
They've turned offshore banks into an artform and now they're doing offshore fundraising on the good ship Olliepop with "Freedom Cruise 2006".
With prices ranging from $2,557 per person up to $11,470, good times are sure to be had!
With event highlights such as.......

"Moderated panel sessions featuring our guest speakers, along with plenty of passenger Q&A."

Imagine the insight you'll gain listening to such luminaries as Edwin Meese, Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre, Major General Paul E. Vallely, David Keene and Tom Kilgannon.

Plenty of chances to meet, schmooze and enjoy personal interaction with our special guest speakers".

Oh God! imagine schmoozing with Newt Gingrich! And Bob Barr! I can barely control myself thinking about it!

I've gotta go now, I can't wait to sign up!

This cruise is being pimped by the ultraconservative website


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