Sunday, April 23, 2006

Duncan Hunter the liar.........

If you listen to Duncan long enough, you really can be convinced that he supports the troops. But what he says and what he does are not always the same. In an interview on an ABC news program,(second post down) Hunter discusses American womens place on a pedestal and how "civilised" countries don't send their women into combat.
Hunters real agenda here though is to deny women equal rights and he encourages the culture of violence against women in the military. Violence and sexual assault against women in the military is on the increase and his support of the troops only applies to men.
His real feelings on the subject were on display a year earlier when he helped defeat an amendment to House bill HR 1815 which would have lifted a ban on privately funded abortions on overseas military bases.
Duncan Hunter says "If a woman wants to fight and signs up for it, I say let her fight. That's what patriotism is all about."
But if a women is assaulted and raped on an overseas military base, she has no alternatives but to bear that "love child"and tough it out. Hunter apparently feels this is the price they pay.
And in a major twist, while US military women are left to fend for themselves, Iraqi civilian rape victims now have a place to go after their assaults thanks to the................US military.


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