Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Duncan the Demonizer"

Ever the master propagandist, Duncan Hunter spares the facts and conjures boogymen to make a point. In his presentation to the Fairbanks Republican Womens Federation he (in lieu of any found wmd's) used a discovered mass grave in Iraq to justify the US invasion of that country.....

“I was sitting there in front of our television watching the discovery channel while I was trying to put a few words together and a scene came up that was much better than any words I could have put together, It was the unearthing that they’ve been doing right now, it was the case against Saddam and it’s the American team together with anthropologists who are going to these mass graves that they are discovering all over Iraq and they’re exhuming the graves, and they were in a bulldozer-cut grave in Northern Iraq, they had just come in with a black hawk helicopter and they had an American anthropologist running the whole operation and they interviewed him. He said, “It was like this, we walked down in this cut” and they show this cut with hundreds of bodies, and they’d been there for a long time and he said, “They were all mothers, with children” and he walked over and he showed the camera crew. He said “Every mother had a 45 bullet hole in the back of her head and every little baby had a 45 bullet hole in the back of his or her head.” "

......... even though there is little to no evidence of Husseins complicity in the atrocity. To further muddy the picture is the history of area and the relations between the various kurdish tribes and the direct involvement of the US/CIA in it's foment of kurdish rebellion.
The incident Hunter cited allegedly occured during the Iran -Iraq war in what was called "The Anfal Campaign", but because of the number of different factions involved, it is very hard to pin down "whodunnit" which is one of several reasons why Hunter should not be using it as a statement of fact in his presentations and could / should be debated on it. Hussein had the motive, but so did the Kurds themselves because of the rivalry between the KDP and the PUK during which time the KDP joined with Husseins Iraq forces to attack the PUK. The Iranians as well as the Turks could be suspects as well.
Of course no cloak and dagger murder mystery would be complete without CIA involvement so consider that the CIA has been arming and encouraging kurd rebellion since the 70s and Hussein was responding to that instigated threat thereby making the US itself complicit in the massacre regardless of "whodunnit".
Even the Anthropologist involved in the investigation has little evidence beyond the bullet shattered skulls to go by and the gravesite itself was left un-secured and subject to disturbance by the victims families.
And what propaganda would be complete without a little embellishment? According to Duncan, the victims were found with 45 caliber bullet holes even though the very same expert he quoted stated that........."The women and children were shot in the back of the heads with small-caliber handguns".

Oh! and Duncan have you forgotten that the US has created some mass graves of it's own over there?
And while we're on the subject of atrocities, have you been to Fallujah lately?


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