Sunday, September 17, 2006

The trouble with peace.....

I find it difficult working for peace and holding down a steady job at the same time, I get spread pretty thin and don't really do well at either when I try to do both. I've often thought that if I could make money working for peace, that I would drop my regular job in a heartbeat. The trouble with that is, I'd be working to put myself out of a job! Who wants to buy peace stuff during times of peace? During peacetime, people just do their thing, no need for peace signs or posters or bumper stickers.
But the warmongers on the other hand are making a killing off the war and are motivated to sell more war. War is big business and if the mongers are doing their job, war is endless. They don't have to worry about running out of work, killing people always perpetuates killing more people and the need for weapons ,bullets and bombs is insatiable. They have more than enough money to bribe politicians, manipulate the media and even hire mercenaries to control foreign environments and initiate "false flag operations".
Am I jealous? Would it be preferable to join their side to insure a steady supply of meat and potatoes on my table? Not!
There are too many "peace dividends" to be gained from fighting the good fight and I've met so many incredibly un-selfish loving people who put themselves out for nothing but the promise of hope. No, we'll all just keep on keeping on with this thing even if it comes to nothing but a draw because to join the other side would be to sell out to evil, evil in its purest form, making money killing people.
"Another mother for peace" is shipping out a stack of "war is not healthy" posters to me this week and they are asking for nothing in return but that I distribute them, free of charge. If they're successful, they're going out of business!


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