Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another letter to Ms. Pelosi......

Sent today 7/10/07

Dear Ms. Pelosi,
I really don't mean to be a fly in your soup but I do wish to express my great disappointment in your lack of response to calls for impeachment of Bush and Cheney as well. As each day passes, it becomes more apparent that the Bush administration has no regard whatsoever for the citizens of world, the US or its laws. It is beginning to appear as though there has been a coup. I don't know what your plan is, but each day more people die and are injured in the course of the illegitimate wars. The cost of the war in financial terms is bankrupting this country.
As a citizen and a registered Democrat, I have done everything I can to express my feelings and wishes to the Party of my choice. I rarely get a response and rare is it when I hear on the news of any kind of progress. Day after day passes, the body count goes up, the costs go up, the Bush administration thumbs its nose at any opposition. I am becoming very disheartened and am beginning to believe that I and hundreds of thousands of others truly have no voice in the workings of the government that is supposed to represent us, the government that wouldn't exist without us. I would appreciate a response from you, please tell me what your plan is.


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