Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid animal rights people

So Joe Biden chooses to buy a purebred German Shepard,
and the next thing up is an assault by the animal rights crowd.
False complaints made against the breeder along with death threats and harrassment to both the breeder and Biden.
Their claim that animal shelter killings are caused by people who buy from breeders is beyond ridiculous.
Animal shelters kill animals because they are overloaded with animals that are abandoned by their owners or are lost because they are allowed to roam free.
Breeders are no different than anyone else in the sense that some are responsible, ethical people and some aren't.
To blame a breeder for the actions of a pet owner is simply wrong.
I've met more un-ethical pet owners in my life than un-ethical breeders.
People who let their dogs run loose because they want them to be free!
Free to do what dogs do, apparently even if that means anything from shitting in the neighbors yard to killing their chickens, or free to get run over by a car or bite someone or free to be exposed to any of the numerous dog maladies that inhabit the "outside " world.
And then there's the folks who abandon the animals because they have to move,
the list goes on and on.
The actions of some of the animal rights people mirror that of the un-ethical animal owners when they do things like breaking into farms and letting loose animals that have never lived in the natural world and are sure to be dead within a week.
"ah, but at least they died free!" cry the animal rights fools.
The thing with breeding is......
it's been done for centuries, most of the animals that are part of our lives were bred to be that way, to our benefit.
Guide dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, watch dogs.
Other animals as well, a multitude of cows and horses, pigs, chickens, goats
and I missing anything?
The animal rights people need a little reality check,
as with breeders and anyone else, some are good with intentions to match and some really suck.
They need to get their own house in order first.

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