Monday, May 29, 2006

Duncan Hunter covers up............

Duncan's House Armed Services Committee is "investigating" the massacre at al-Haditha while at the same time trying to excuse it away as an isolated incident. Anyone familiar with his spin methods however will remember him making similar and erroneous statements about the Abu Gharab torture scandal as well as the abuse at Camp Guantanamo.
War crimes commited by US soldiers are common and well documented though and the truth will be known that al-Haditha is not an isolated incident but one of many, most recently today in Kabul when 4 Afghan civilians where shot dead by US troops following a tragic traffic accident involving US military vehicles. In late March at least 16 innocent worshippers were slaughtered in a raid on the Mustafa Mosque in Baghdad.
These incidents are common and will continue because of the stress the troops are being subjected to, they are scared and they are trigger happy. They have been placed in a position of being targets in a war with no clear objectives. This is the very issue that John Kerry presented to congress back during the Vietnam war. He was criticized for not supporting the troops when in fact he was advocating for them to be removed from an un-winnable situation where they were forced to shoot innocent civilians in order to protect themselves in situations that were not militarily justified.
Duncan Hunter says he supports the troops when in fact his actions say otherwise. Placing troops in harms way, sometimes for 2 or 3 tours of duty without rest or counciling, giving them anti-depressants and handing them their gun back for another trip is not supporting the troops. It is supporting war crimes and the perpetration of genocide.


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