Thursday, June 01, 2006

Flunkin' Duncan....Immigration

Hunter attempts to demonize people who enter the US without papers by refering to them as "illegal aliens" and he advocates building a wall across the entire US to "protect" us from them. Perhaps if Duncan would pay attention to the real facts, he would realize that the immigrants are in fact "economic refugees" who are fleeing their countries in droves because of economic factors created by NAFTA and the World Trade organization.
see.....NAFTA gives Mexicans new reasons to leave home.
Hunter has had 26 years in office to address this issue of immigration but has failed to stop the flow or to address the real causes. As a "cheap labor conservative" and corporate shill this comes as no surprise.

Another central issue is the rise of economic refugees. With the rapid development of cheaper and more widespread means of global travel and, some would claim, widening inequalities of wealth between countries, larger numbers of people are now forced to leave their homelands to seek jobs, usually by entering wealthier nations illegally. This development raises questions about how best to protect the rights of those forced by poverty to leave their homeland to face exploitation by criminal gangs offering transport across the world and unscrupulous employers in the host nation. This new refugee problem has also led to political controversy in Europe and America, where anti-immigration campaigns and parties have experienced a rise in support by arguing for tougher immigration controls and/or expulsion of immigrants. Those opposing such solutions argue that economic refugees are merely the victims of an iniquitous process of globalisation which has destroyed jobs and growth in their homeland and that addressing this problem is the only realistic and just way to deal with the rise in refugee migration.

One result of the building of the border fence has been to create a market for human smugglers better known as "coyotes". According to a recent report generated by the office of Rep. Issa only 6 percent of apprehended coyotes were prosecuted in 2004. Traditional methods of crossing the border have become difficult since the fence went up, therefore a large majority of crossers have been delivered by the coyotes. Consequently if more coyotes were prosecuted , the flow could be virtually shut off. Why doesn't Duncan take this approach? Could it be that he really doesn't want it to stop?

I find it hard to believe that he is serious about the issue. Maybe the issue provides him with fodder to scare voters, just another wedge issue for him to exploit. Delusional Duncan digging for dirt because he lacks anything tangible to discuss or brag about.

On the "Flunkin' Duncan" report card for immigration policies and fair trade issues, he gets an ......F


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