Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore........

But El Cajon could end up being a lot like Kansas unless the more liberal minded people out here get off their butts and get engaged in local politics. The Grossmont Union High School District will be electing 3 members to the board in November and there is a chance at stopping the religious wrong from continuing their push towards teaching creationism and trashing science. The wackos have been trying for years to control the hearts and minds of our children here and the only thing stopping them has been the Teachers Union.
The 3 chairs up for election are currently held by wackos,
Jim Kelly, Evelyn Willis and Ron Nehring
who as of yet are un-commited to running for re-election but don't be fooled into submission because if they don't run, there will always be another willing to take their place.
The control of the school board has been a focus of the religious wackos for the last 30 years and they will continue to try to control it from now until they bring on armageddon.

Fall election could clinch control of school board

The flag picture was taken yesterday. Doesn't it make you feel all warm, fuzzy and patriotic?

Burn a flag, while you still can.

Pretty soon you will be arrested for it and will be limited to only being able to shred it, wear it, leave it in the dark, leave it in the rain, let it fade or pathetically displaying it on your roof!


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