Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Teach your children well......

Israeli bombs being prepared to kill other children.


At 7/19/2006 7:42 AM, Blogger beachblogger said...

we went out for dinner last night and some wingnut called us Buddhist Terrorists!

At 7/19/2006 8:21 AM, Blogger Paul said...

And they thought that calling you a Buddhist was an insult? The other name is a misnomer...his/her kind spreads terror everywhere...we need far fewer aggressive people spreading terror for their personal vane egos.

At 7/19/2006 9:38 PM, Anonymous Demon Princess said...

What up with that--addressing missles to kids in Lebanon? Sick, sick, sick. I hear that Condi is scheduled to make a visit some time in the future, deliberately leaving the Israelis to bomb the shit out of Lebanon to prove a point before she gets there.

At 8/08/2006 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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