Saturday, July 01, 2006

Be careful out there, you could get hurt..............

I keep hearing that from people who are against the war and the militaristic policies of the Bush administration,
but are too afraid to participate in PDAs (public displays of anarchy) out of fear of bodily harm or arrest.
I'm not talking about youngsters with a lifetime still ahead of them, but people of my generation, and all I can think of as a reply is "what are we saving ourselves for"? It's not our world anymore, it belongs to our childrens generation now and their children. Why not stick out your neck? The world as we know it now is of our making and we should be at the forefront of any effort to change it. The above picture was taken Tuesday morning, about 20 minutes before a California Highway patrolman demanded we take down the signs and move on or risk arrest for "illegal assembly". Well we could have challenged him on that, the signs were certainly illegally placed but he would have had a hard time with charging 4 oldsters with illegal assembly and have it stand up in court. 2 of us were getting ready to leave anyway for another demonstration and the other 2 "had to work". What was he going to do? Beat us with a rubber hose? Thursday night we had a small demonstration downtown and there sure were a lot of cops driving back and forth. But they didn't bother us. We generated the usual 50% positive response from the drivebys, 20 or 30% more were people who just looked ahead and pretended we weren't there and the rest showed us their middle finger and foamed at the mouth. Its the foamers I guess we should worry about, but I doubt they have much of a bite behind their barks. Maybe someday we'll get arrested and beaten or shot at by some crackpot, but what are the odds? We do have our fair share of hate groups down here and we could become a target or maybe a loner tinfoil hat will get us, but I think there's a lot of un-founded fear there, similar to the type of fear that has pervaded this country since 9/11. My chances of being done in by a crackpot are about the same as being hit by a terrorist. A very slim chance. A million to one odds maybe? Maybe even slimmer, who knows? I do know however that on any given day, I stand a better chance at being killed in a car crash or any number of other ways to meet my doom but that doesn't stop me from living my life anyway. So jeeeez people, get out there! Celebrate democracy by participating in it.
Here's a a list of the countries biggest killers..........
1- Heart disease
4-Chronic lower respiratory diseases
5- Accidents (un-intentional injuries)
8-Alzheimers disease
9-Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis


At 7/10/2006 12:30 AM, Blogger Demon Princess said...


GREAT post. What are we saving ourselves for, indeed? Certainly hope the movement grows SOON.


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