Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alternate uses for the er um.......war memorial

Last Friday the Supreme Court issued a stay, temporarily saving the......war memorial from its scheduled removal by August 1st. Judging by the letters in todays San Diego Union however, it seems as though even the more rationally thinking Christians here in town are sick of it.
July 5, 2006

The cross debate continues

The Mount Soledad cross issue illustrates a significant debate in this county. First, it seems odd to non-Christians that anyone would claim that a cross is not a religious symbol of Christianity. It appears to be a rather disingenuous claim by those who wish to give their religion a preference over others. Second, it seems to be a diversion of city resources that the city can ill afford. Third, the cross is a slap in the face to those non-Christian veterans who gave their lives protecting their country. Yes, this country belongs to non-Christians as well. A cross is an unsuitable memorial. Finally, and more important, Mount Soledad is a small piece in a much larger confrontation. This is a nation at war. It is at war with itself. It is a war between those who believe the political process is about the laws of the land, and those who belief the process and government are about the laws of a higher power. It is not a healthy war. Nor is it a war in which there is room for much compromise.

This is a frightening culture clash more profound than the one of the Vietnam era. This is one in which the political system has been corrupted into a choice between God and country. In such a choice, country cannot win. The challenge, for those who believe in liberty under a constitutional framework, is to regain control of the political system. This was founded as a nation of laws. These are laws of man. History has taught us to be very careful about handing political power to those who profess to govern by the rules of a higher power.

The present governing philosophy is not “conservatism.” I do not know what it is. I just know it is frightening.


Like many Christians, I was offended by the lone atheist who dared to rock our boat by demanding that we remove the cross on constitutional grounds. The courts have consistently ruled in his favor and forced me to conclude that he is correct in his position.

I now believe that no religious symbol is appropriate for a military memorial for it cannot honor every named person equally. Religious affiliation must be confined to the individual markers and a new or modified symbol found, which displays their common love of the country they all were willing to fight for.

I appeal to those individuals who have perhaps viewed this controversy as an attack against Christianity to reconsider and to urge their leaders to abandon the fight to save the cross at any cost. To any Christian clergy, a message that disenfranchising minorities is not the Christian way would help. To the many creative people in San Diego, I offer the challenge of submitting to the Mayor's Office ideas for a more appropriate symbol to the memory of our war heroes.


I went to the top of Mount Soledad to see what the fuss is about. I do not know who built that cross or why. I do not know the history. My first impression: What a majestic view but why did they put that ugly cross here? You who have not seen it up close, it is made of cement, and you can still see the impression of the forms. This thing should have never been allowed to stand, let alone for 50 years. Tear it down and put up something that says: America's Finest City did this for its veterans.

If this is a veteran's memorial, why is the cross higher that the American flag? I did 22 years in the Navy and was taught that we dip our flag to no nation. Last, I am a Mormon; the cross does nothing for me. If you really want to make this a world-class memorial fitting of its location, get the local artists involved. San Diego deserves better.

Ocean Beach


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prices went up last february so order your plaque soon before they raise prices again.


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