Monday, July 03, 2006

Anti-bush neighbors........4th of July Parade

I was very excited to see this sign stuck in the dirt a few blocks away from me.
There wasn't any answer when I knocked on the door but I'll go back later tonight and ask them to join the
"Dumpin' Duncan"
impeach bush contingent in tomorrows 4th of July parade.
There will be parades all over the country tomorrow and the opportunity awaits anyone who has ever wanted to express their feelings about the war in a very public manner. Go out and march, be a true patriot and show your neighbors how you feel. Don't worry about being a buzzkill, people who can't accept dissent are not patriots, don't believe in democracy and don't love their country.
Down with the tyrant! End the reign of King George!
Celebrate the 4th of July in a way our predecessors would be proud of!


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