Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Ms.Pelosi, minion to the Lord of the Flies.......

Comments: Dear Ms. Pelosi I am a democrat who strongly believes that Bush and Cheney and the rest of the administration belong in jail for war crimes that include the murder of 10s of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, the violation of US laws in regard to illegal wiretapping, torture, lying to the US Congress and the American people, violations to arms treaties in regards to Israels use of US made weapons on civilian populations and the use of collective punishment against entire communities in Iraq and Afghanistan. For you to call Hugo Chavez a "thug" is totally incredible in light of the crimes committed by our own government. Mr. Chavez is a boyscout compared to bush. His words to the UN rang of truth. Shame on you!

I attempted to send this to Ms. Pelosi's congressional office this morning but was informed that if I was not a constituent it would not be processed. I was then re-routed to her Minority Speaker of the House site where there was no apparent way of contacting her. So here's hoping she happens to visit here.


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