Sunday, January 28, 2007

End the war!

The Peace tribe was out in full force yesterday making lots of noise and getting their message out that the war has got to stop! There didn't appear to be a lot of opposition to the demonstration except for an occasional foray into the crowd by small groups of young warriors attached to some of the local military bases. It saddens me to realize that we're raising yet another generation of youngsters who believe that war is the answer to the problems that confront the world. I overheard one group talking about getting the rest of their marine buddies in there to clear out the plaza. They get their heads drummed with messages of hate in boot camp and then out they go thinking that they own the world because they're part of the killing machine. 18 years old and they think they know the truth! We not only need to end the war, but we need to end ALL wars. War is a stupid, useless, archaic reaction to a very complex human condition and it takes no guts at all to kill, no brains are needed. All wars must end. We in the US can win many more hearts and minds with food, not bombs. Bombs win contempt and a continuence of knee jerk violence that has poisoned the world for centuries. Lets get out of Iraq and then get our troops out of the rest of the world, lets dismantle the war machine so that IT no longer determines government policy in the US!
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