Sunday, January 07, 2007

What's with that?

In an article today posted at Truthout ( here ), concerning the cutoff of funds for a troop increase, Democrat Joe Biden is quoted:
"Sen. Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it would be a "tragic mistake" if Bush chooses to increase troops. But Biden, D-Del., said cutting off funds was not an option.

"As a practical matter there is no way to say this is going to be stopped," Biden said regarding a troop increase, unless enough congressional Republicans join Democrats in convincing Bush the strategy is wrong.

Biden added that it probably would be an unconstitutional violation of separation of powers if Democrats were to block Bush's efforts as commander in chief after Congress had voted to authorize going to war.

"It's unconstitutional to say, you can go, but we're going to micromanage," Biden said."

But yet in another article ( here ), it is stated that the increase would violate the War Powers Act and would constitute yet another impeachable offense by bush.

What's with that? Whos side is Biden on anyway?

In yet another Truthout article ( here ), the clarion call has gone out for us to make more noise and you know what? I agree!


" What choice Congress makes will depend largely on public perception of and response to the situation. For example, in the Watergate scandal, public outrage at the "Saturday Night Massacre" tipped the balance toward Congressional impeachment hearings. On the other hand, public disapproval of the attempt to impeach President Clinton actually contributed to a Democratic victory at the next elections.

Constitutionalists and progressives need to start planning proactively to prepare the public to respond appropriately and effectively to this impending confrontation."

Keep them cards and letters flowing folks!

errrr um, one more "what's with that", seems like one of our own Dems, Steny Hoyer is pushing for an attack on Iran just so they can appear to the American public as being "tough on terrorism". ( here ). be sure to write that misinformed so and so too!

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