Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Right after 9/11, I started looking into the characters involved in the day to day in Afghanistan. What I saw indicated that we were going to go through the same cycle of arming and supporting all the wrong people that gave us none other than Bin Laden.

Pictured here... General Abdul Rashid Dostrum appeared to be one of the worst. He was a known badass right from the git go, but we still allied ourselves with him, giving him money and weapons. Now understand, I am a woodworker by trade and I was able to indentify him as a poor risk and a threat to our efforts there. Why is it that out of all the great minds we have in our military and diplomatic corps, none could come to the same conclusion? When will we stop arming the wrong guys? When will we ever learn?

An excerpt from a story just read........

Afghanistan was not militarily winnable by the British Empire at the height of its supremacy. It was not winnable by Darius or Alexander, by Shah, Tsar or Great Moghul. It could not be subdued by 240,000 Soviet troops. But what, precisely, are we trying to win?
In six years, the occupation has wrought one massive transformation in Afghanistan, a development so huge that it has increased Afghan GDP by 66 per cent and constitutes 40 per cent of the entire economy. That is a startling achievement, by any standards. Yet we are not trumpeting it. Why not? The answer is this. The achievement is the highest harvests of opium the world has ever seen. .....More


At 7/24/2007 6:46 PM, Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

I'm starting to wonder if there is any intelligence in our military or if there is, do any people in Bush's administration listen to them?

At 7/25/2007 6:26 AM, Blogger FunkyTown Fighter said...

I think our intelligence in the military has adopted the attitude of "stupid is as stupid does" I don't think this administration will ever learn! I'm just waiting for the day we can rid ourselves of Shrub & Co. FOR GOOD!!!!

At 7/25/2007 12:12 PM, Blogger Paul said...

A lot of people believe the term "military intelligence" to be an oxymoron and I won't dispute that.
The problem here though with our policy of arming and funding bad guys, it has been going on for years and has brought us luminaries such as Bin Laden, Sadaam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, etc. etc. It's got to be one of the worst policies ever and they don't seem to be catching on to that yet. There are deep seated mindsets within our government that have to change and funding one bad guy to counter another is obviously a failure of the worst magnitude.

At 7/30/2007 8:04 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I agree with you Paul. We use people for our own gains. It may work in the short run but it always comes back to bite us in the end.

At 7/30/2007 9:09 AM, Blogger Mariamariacuchita said...

Well, I think they knew exactly what and who he was. The real question is did they care? They act on their goals rather than any principals.

I really want to comment on his brutish face. He is scary to look at, his energy is so raw.


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