Friday, February 29, 2008


Remember when President George said....
"We're gonna get those terrorists,
they can't hide from us,
We're gonna smoke em out of their caves,
they can't hide from justice!"
You ain't found shit Georgy boy, other than some big fat moneyrolls!
Nothing but rhetoric!

Oh, and how about that "ownership society"?
Home foreclosures are at the highest level since the great depression,
10% of homeowners are paying a higher mortgage than the house is worth!
Nothing but rhetoric!

Bushy boy, you and you're buddies are for small government?
Something that will fit in a swimming pool?
How come the government is bigger now than it has ever been?
How come?

Lying sack of shit!
All you've ever given this country is rhetoric!

Remember when Clinton was president?
All the bumper stickers....
"Willie wants your wallet"
"Tax and Spend Democrats"
Yadda yadda yadda.


Got news for ya...
It's all rhetoric!
Both sides dish it out in heapin helpings,
they say what they think people want to hear without ANY intent on actually doing it.

The Republicans are going to win the war on terror?
Yeah right!

Hillary is going to bring the troops home?
Yeah right!

Oh yeah....and
Health Care!
Yeah right!

So Obama is full of rhetoric, nothing tangible to the guy at all?
So what?

As Bob Dylan said.....
"alright I've had enough, what else can you show me?
yep, that's what he



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