Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Unknown Politician

I think Obama's strategy for avoiding the Republican attack machine is brilliant.
The machine has become a regular terror to any Democrat candidate.
Whatever policy platform they present gets torn to shreds by the machine,
so this novel approach by Obama of not having any policies is sheer genius.
Normally you wouldn't expect a candidate to succeed with this tact.....
you have to stand for something right?
Who the heck would vote for someone who did not state what he would do?
Well, a lot of people that's who!
Things have gotten so bad that the people will take whatever is behind Door #2,
whatever it is!
So I propose we take it one step further and have the Unknown Candidate!
He or She could be anyone,
who would know?
It could be Buckethead,
it might be Bin Laden!


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