Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to all you worker bees out there!
Pictured above is Clinton Jencks, someone who spent his life in the struggle for the working class and equality for women. Until his death last year, I knew him only as the husband of a customer of mine. Marjorie Cohn wrote a nice piece on Clinton for Truthout, it's an interesting history of a man that more people should know about including his short stint as a movie star in a film called "Salt of the Earth", a film that was banned in the US and still is in Mexico.
The Internationale

Arise ye prisoners of starvation
Arise ye toilers of the earth
For reason thunders new creation
`Tis a better world in birth.

Never more traditions' chains shall bind us
Arise ye toilers no more in thrall
The earth shall rise on new foundations
We are naught but we shall be all.

Then comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale
Unites the human race.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?