Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Most of us know very little of the Kurds. They have been in the middle of a lot of conflicts that have occured in their area of the world and always seem to come out on the losing end. The majority of Kurds live in Turkey. Istanbul has the largest Kurd population of any city in the world yet they have virtually no rights in regards to continuing their own history. They are not allowed to speak their own language or teach their own traditions and are persecuted by the Turkish government much in the same way that the native populations in the Americas were and are treated. The Progressive Historians have been running a series of articles since October that is both facinating and informative. I've gone back through their archives and arranged links to the articles as they originally appeared in order. I encourage you to read on. Enjoy.........
Moonlight in the Mountains
More Moonlight
Oramar -- (Mountain Images III)
The Friends of Aynur (Mt. Images 4)
Turkish Army Captives (Mt. Images 5)
The Edge of Catastrophe
The Return of the Karduchoi?
Back of Beyond (Mt. Images 8)
"Babes in Kurdland"
Alice in Turkeyland
La Gioconda Perduta
Merry Christmas
The $20 Million Sheep Hunt


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