Friday, March 21, 2008

Who needs enemies when you have ....John Kerry?

So now that Obama's campaign has been sunk by comments made by the good
Reverend (God Damn America) Wright, not to mention my own silliness that influences millions of people worldwide, our good buddy John (flip flopping quitter) Kerry comes crawling to the rescue of the campaign by suggesting that an Obama presidency ......

"has an ability to help us bridge the divide in religious extremism, to maybe even give power to moderate Islam."

Oh Boy! I bet that will get people flocking to the polls to vote for Obama!
Thanks John! Now I can go back to being a woodworker instead of a political hand grenade.

John Kerry on

By the way, how many people realize that when they sing "god bless america" ,
that there singing about Canada, US, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras,
El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama,Columbia , Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam,
French Guinea, Equador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and......


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