Monday, March 17, 2008

Munitions plant vaporizes in Albania

I came across a story on this yesterday on Truthout of all places and went looking for more elsewhere, but I really had to hunt. Yahoo had nothing on its front page, but Google did.
I went back to Yahoo and found the story but really it would have gone un-noticed otherwise.
So after I read the paper this morning I realized that there was nothing about it there either.
The basic story story as of this point is that 9 have died and hundreds are injured with buildings miles away being leveled by the shock wave of the explosions.
Reports state that there were 121 workers in the plant at the time, why they give a death toll of nine is beyond me. The facility was obviously vaporized along with the 121. Turns out most of the workers were women and children.........story here.
I suppose it could have been an accident, authorities are investigating possible criminal intent.
Makes me wonder though.
Albania is imbroiled in the conflict with Serbia and maybe just maybe........nah, it couldn't be that Russia bombed it to keep the munitions out of the hands of Serbias enemies?
Back to Britney..............


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