Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Speak for yourself John McCain

YORK, Pa. - Republican presidential candidate John McCain phoned Georgia's president Tuesday to tell him all Americans back his country's efforts to thwart military attacks from Russia.
(story here)

Speak for yourself McCain
I don't agree with Russian imperialism
but I don't agree with Georgia's slaughter of innocent people
and the total destruction of their capital city.

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks for me in the case of this terrible tragedy
(story here)

If all Americans knew the truth behind this they would be sick.

And this from the Financial Times......
"For some of those witnessing the fighting in the Caucasus over the past few days, the narrative is straightforward and easy. The plucky republic of Georgia, with just a few million citizens, was attacked by its giant eastern neighbour, Russia. Add to this all the stereotypes of the cold war era, and you are presented with a truly David and Goliath interpretation – with all its accompanying connotations of good and evil. While this version of events is being written in much of the western media, the facts present a different picture. (The rest of it)


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