Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the F#*% is going on??????

Did somebody declare today
Contrary Day?
and forget to tell me about it?

I'm going into town Thursday to meet a client and since there are 2 other clients in the area that I also need to see, I thought I'd try to line them up and see them all in one trip.
Kill the whole freaking day meeting with people.

So here are the 2 emails I sent out requesting appointments
each with it's followup reply.
The names have been Xed to protect the innocent.

I need to come to the park and check on the measurements and structural aspects of the window area where the XXXXXX cases are to be mounted. Is early morning Thursday ok? 9-9:30ish?

Sorry, How about Thursday morning?

I'll be down in XXX XXXXX Thursday for a meeting on board the XXXXXX in the afternoon. Can we meet at XXXXXX in the late morning, 11 am, to finalize the specs for the kitchen?
Thank you,

I’ll look for you mid -Thursday afternoon.



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