Thursday, May 14, 2009

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.....

While reading the latest account of the fighting in Swat,
I was struck by this ...........

"The Taleban are still patrolling Mingora, and from where I am based, I can only see the army troops at the emerald mines.The sound of firing can be heard intermittently in various areas of Mingora." (here)

Emerald mines?
That was the first I had heard.
Odd that it hasn't been mentioned in the news.
The Paki's are tearing the place up, killing scores of civilians, supposedly with the intent of subduing the Taliban.
Seizing the mines seems like a wise thing to do if the Taliban are using the proceeds from the mines to finance their "new world order", and this is confirmed in another story found.....

Taliban Jihad against west funded by emeralds from Pakistan. (here)

Seems like that would make for interesting news, so why the silence about them?
And why did the Pakistan government shut them down really?
Know what I think?
The Taliban has been using them all along for funds, with the nod and approval from certain elements of the Pakistan government, namely the ISI.
And I'm not so sure about opium poppies funding them as well.
Karzai's brother was recently linked to drug smuggling and many of the warlords are also,
blaming the Taliban is good cover for the crooked ones running the show over there.

But that's all a sideshow to the goings on all across Pipelinistan.
Here's the skinny on all the latest, from one of the best journalists on the planet,
Pepe Escobar

Blue Gold, Turkmen Bashes and Asian Grids: Pipelineistan in Conflict (here)

Read it yeah, and then you'll see that the shenanigans over there aren't all about....
The Hokie Pokie


At 5/17/2009 7:23 AM, Blogger landsker said...

Hi Paul,
Ah yes, there`s not been much discussion of the emeralds...
Just to the South of present fighting is the province of Balochistan, with some of the worlds` largest seams of gold, oh, and copper...
Plus natural gas, a border with Iran and seaports.
Call me cynical, but how can anyone think that these wars are for anything but material gain.

Can`t help thinking that the Taliban are probably getting funds from many sources ...Right or wrong, they are defending against an invader,they are, the "resistance".
All the countries in the area understand that if America "wins" in Afghanistan, then another enemy will be chosen, so the funding is there, the question being, perhaps, ... at what point does the Taliban use ground to air missiles...thus terminating completely the conflict.
Just as they did to the Russians.

By the way, in an interesting development, here in Europe, there is (apparently;), quite a lot of Afghani/Pakistani hasshish being sold, with names like "Red Seal", and "Milk of Mazar".
All high grade resin, and moderately priced, the European public is blissfully contributing to the coffers of the Afghan farmers and their "friends".
Less socially damaging than heroin, and with an insatiable market, along with the emeralds and heroin, it looks like the Talibs may have their fingers in quite a few pies..


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