Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cosmic baby factory.........

Every once in a while I need a good head cleanout and one of my favorite ways of doing that is to look at the stars. It makes me feel small and insignificant , kind of like how it feels to be out in the great American desert where it is obvious to all but the most oblivious that we humans are just a speck waiting to be blown in the wind by forces way beyond our control.
So if you have clear skies tonight, go out and check the southeast portion of the sky. There you'll see the Orion constellation rising. There's what appears to be a star in the middle for the sword sheath but if you have even just a decent pair of binoculars, the view will astound you. A huge gas cloud with stars in all phases of formation, one of the prettiest sites you'll ever see. (better than the pictures)
Orion appears on the horizon just before midnight during this time of year. If it's too late for you right now, wait a couple of months when it will be up there all night. One of the most spectacular constellations in the winter sky.


At 11/12/2006 1:41 PM, Anonymous Glenda said...

i am ususally up walking at 5AM when the stars are still up...I love the night sky, and, yes, it does put it all in perspective.
We are small and insignificant blips in the bigger scheme of things.

At 11/12/2006 6:15 PM, Blogger bluegrrrrl said...

Very cool pics...I should be getting home shortly before midnight tonight...and I think the skies are clear enough...I'll look for it!

I know what you mean about perspective and a good head cleanout from time to time...

At 1/03/2007 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually clear my head with a good hit of windowpane.

At 1/04/2007 6:43 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Sounds good to me, that'll work even when it's cloudy! :)


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