Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shooting Ferrari's

So the Canadians are shooting their future out of the barrel of a gun now with the introduction of
a $150,000 GPS guided artillery shell.
The author of the story about this is quoted.......

"The price tag has provided fodder for critics of the war, who've described the shell as overkill and noted that the cost is like firing a Ferrari."

and then this from LT. Col. Jim Willis is a real head scratcher considering that the cost of a conventional shell is "only" $2,000....

"Willis, an officer with 32 years experience with big guns, said he believes the Excalibur represents a quantum leap forward because instead of firing a dozen shells at one target, only one round is needed."

I'm sure glad math isn't important anymore.

You can read the whole ridiculous thing........here


At 3/26/2008 7:16 AM, Blogger landsker said...

This puts me thinking about the battle between the Irish and the English.
Eventually, the Irish republicans detonated several bombs in the city of London, which led to the "peace agreement".
The bombs were made from fertiliser and diesel fuel, around 20 tonnes packed into an old truck, and driven into the centre of London.
The bombs cost around 30,000 pounds, including the cost of the truck, which they stole!
One bomb cased over 1.5 billion pounds worth of destruction.
This is an example of why the idiots who control mainstream warfare will never win.
By the way, GPS doesn`t work when there are thunderstorms!


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