Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A piece of crap?

You know, you can't believe everything you read right?
A lot of stuff that's out there is just a bunch of crap designed to confuse and deceive.
case in point is this recent article.....

Israel launches covert war against Iran

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I don't doubt for a minute that Israel is capable of doing such a thing,
they've assasinated people before and done countless other covert ops designed to weaken their perceived enemies.
So this article discusses Israel murdering nuclear scientists and setting up dummy companies to sell Iran bogus nuclear material and equipment.

The source?

US Intelligence experts.

Why would our intelligence people reveal such a thing?

I think they're trying to scare scientists away from working with the Iranian program
and plant doubt about their material sources.

That's it.

That's all

It's just another load of crap.

By the way.........
Iran signed on to the international nuclear weapons treaty years ago,
agreeing to inspections by international experts.
Did Israel?

In Obama's first press conference last week,
Helen Thomas asked him if he was aware of any middle eastern country
possessing nuclear weapons.
The answer of course is ......Israel
What was Obama's answer?
He didn't


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