Friday, February 20, 2009

Clintons "shocking" stance

Activists shocked at Clinton stance on China rights (here)
We can no longer lecture other countries on right behavior.
Why would they be shocked?
They know damn well we torture, maim and murder,
the cats been out of the bag for quite awhile now,
and to expect US to do anything but grovel to China is unrealistic.
China's continual purchasing of US Treasury Bonds has been the sole financing of our various wars and such for quite a few years now,
since we ran out of our own money sometime back,
I think it was during the Reagan era.
Yep, we've been broke for quite a long time, just in case somebody out there didn't know it yet.
China is already pushing US to take action to keep the value of the dollar up,
and to even think that Clinton or Obama or anyone else is going to poke China in the eye over something as trivial as "human rights", would be a mistake.
The reason China even bothers with US anymore is because we buy a bunch of their cheap crap.
They have no use for US otherwise.
And if they ever try to cash in all those bonds,
we're finished.



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