Thursday, May 08, 2008

WhooooHooo Happeeeeeeeeeee

So Conservatives are happier than liberals?
What does that tell us about conservatives?
The country is going down the financial toilet,
war is everywhere,
the ice caps are melting,
there's not enough food to go around,
and that's just some of the real stuff.
They're afraid of married gay people,
they're afraid of liberals who
they think are baby eating pot crazed commies,
they're afraid of anything or anyone they don't understand.
And they are happy?
I have a funny feeling they don't have any more of a clue about happiness than they do about anything else.
Anyone can put a blindfold on over their rose colored glasses and then stick their head up their ass, but is that happiness?
And they rationalize everything?
Boy Howdy!
How else to explain away anything that isn't in their comfort zone.
Have you ever seen the reaction of a conservative at an anti-war rally?
Oooweee, man can they spit the venom and pop their veins out of their pointy little heads!
Ha Ha Ha.
They want to kill and maim and ban and banish and censure and preach.
They are so full of bullshit it's amazing they don't have magic mushrooms growing out of their ears.


At 5/09/2008 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Diesel, you gave me a chuckle. Thanks. Well done.
Peacechick Mary

At 5/09/2008 5:41 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Mary.... :-)

At 5/11/2008 3:16 AM, Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

They define happy a tad different than most, dare I say normal people.

"Daddy, that liberal girl at school that said you were a freak was pregnant. She was on her way to an abortionists office when she fell under a bus and her head was squished all over the road!"

"That's wonderful news! Let us all rejoice!!"

At 5/16/2008 11:11 PM, Blogger steve said...

that is good, you ought to post that at

they will freak out.. and it's good for their blood pressure

At 5/17/2008 5:37 AM, Blogger Paul said...

OK, anything for a good vein popping eh?

At 5/19/2008 6:17 AM, Blogger steve said...

Remember the state motto of Connecticut. "Fuck'm they can't take a joke."


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