Monday, June 23, 2008

RIP George...but you we're wrong about PC

This is a subject that really chaps my hide.
Every time someone gets into high water for talking trash,
the anti-pc crowd starts chirping about what a threat to freedom of speech it is.
PC! PC! they cry!
Yeah, some people go a little too far in claiming their right to dignity
but for the most part I think the anti's ought to quit crying in their beer.
What really gets me is, the form of PC in question was brought to bear on the liberal side
by conservatives as a way of spinning issues, and the chirpers on the liberal side are playing right into it.
Leaving the Obama/ Clinton thing out of it for now,
I guess the most recent hooterah I can recall was the Don Imus flub
calling a group of college basketball players
"nappy headed ho's"
Sure Imus should be free to say that if he wants,
just like his listeners being free to shitcan him for it.
A bigger question though is "why would he say that?"
What was the point?
There was NO reason to say it other than to offend.
Why should anyone stand up for some one elses right to offend?
It's retarded!
People who offend for the purpose of baiting deserve to get kicked in the ass!
I've heard so much from people on the so-called "liberal" side lamenting PC that it just makes me sick.
To me the real PC is this crap we get from our government,
telling us what to say and think.
"Support the troops!"
"Don't question the war"
yadda yadda yadda
There's plenty more and I'm sure anyone reading this has their own memories of getting the american party line shoved down their throat.
Wikipedia has an excellent write up on the history of PC.
Read it!

Don't call me nigger......whitey!


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