Saturday, November 10, 2007


I was alarmed but since there was no way to substantiate it at the time, I took a wait and see attitude about this story from Al Jazeera re-printed in the Jerusalem Post....'USAF struck Syrian nuclear site'...(Link)

But then this story shows up. Here's a quote......
Furthermore, it is worth considering that the initial Military Times report on September 5 reported five nuclear missiles being found at Barksdale AFB. This was updated to six in a revised article by the same reporter on September 10. According to Madsen, his intelligence sources said only five advanced nuclear cruise missiles were found at Barksdale, after six left Minot AFB. So if one nuclear missile is still missing, then attention needs to be placed on those factions within the U.S. military and government that would benefit from the covert use of a nuclear weapon in the Middle East. Attention needs to be placed on those ultimately behind the B-52 incident, most likely based within the Office of the Vice President. It is therefore very possible that the B-52 incident involved two covert missions. (Link)

Connect the dots?

Found that one while reading about how we're going to get our asses kicked if we attack Iran (Link)
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Roof dwellers......

First there were cave dwellers and then came the cliff dwellers, now as global warming heats things up and the water level rises, we have roof dwellers. (link)

Some of the victims of the floods in Mexico have taken matters into their own hands and refused so-called government help. They are living on their rooftops instead of seeking help in government run shelters. Seems they have been on their own for so long now that it's natural to just go on as best as they can on their roof rather than leave their homes to looters.

I have something in common with them. I too refused to leave when the evacuation order came during the fires that swept through San Diego 2 weeks ago. My experience from the Cedar Fire in 2003 which burned out 1/3 of my community taught me that the government cannot be relied upon. It seems that as the population increases so does the governments size except that as it grows it becomes less and less effective in providing essential services. My house would have burned in the Cedar fire were it not for someone who stayed behind and extinguished a fire in a garage 3 houses down the block and up wind. There is a growing movement towards staying and fighting ( link ) and I am now a member.

I don't really blame the government. Some times people just need to take care of themselves and as a group, they can accomplish more than any government. Terrorists are a piece of cake compared to wildfires and tornados.

I don't expect our government to take care of us any ways near as well as they do Big Business, but if they did, this is what it might look like.....( link )

Finally watched "An inconvient Truth" last night. I thought it was scientifically accurate and to the point. It certainly doesn't deserve the slamming it's getting from the wrong wing.

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