Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The 14 words

"Racist people are the stupidest, most worthless animals on the face of the earth!"

Do you know the 14 words?
The 14 at the beginning here were just made up by me.
The actual 14 words that are used as a "secret code" by racist assholes go something like this...
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

I didn't know about this particular code until last week when I read about some Irish tourists who while attending a midnight drum circle at Blacks Beach were accosted by skinheads who then stabbed one of the tourists because he didn't know the 14 words. (story here)

I'm not surprised that we have pricks like that running around here. San Diego has always had more than its fair share of bigots. But it's still disappointing.
And it's still true also that most public gatherings by peaceful party'ers will get busted up by drunken assholes, as the Rainbow People had already figured out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well, just LOOK at her!

8 years ago this summer,
we were taking care of a friend who had suffered a stroke,
and during the course of interviewing for an aide,
our dear friend gave an absolute "NO" to one of the interviewees.
I asked her, why?
"Well, just because"
I asked her again, why?
Again I asked, why?
"Well, just LOOK at her!"
I've been looking at her during the whole interview and I see a qualified, willing worker who's here and dressed for work!
What do YOU see?
She didn't answer and she didn't have to,
it was because the woman had "colored skin"
The applicant was a self identified mestizo.
My wife is grey(once dark blond or light auburn) with blue eyes with the ruddy fair skin.
she is meti, as well.
"But I am the same as she is!"
The difference was lost upon us.
The woman was auburn with green eyes and olive skin.
"Huff, Huff!"
"I chose my husband so that we had blond or red haired children with blue eyes."
Her steel blue eyes flashed, and the pure white hair sparkled.
"Of course, I am not racist..."
We both knew her to be a liberal, environmentalist feminist
(she even supported the campaign against the bombing of El Salvador...),
or so we thought.
An admitted Eugenicist?

So flash forward now to this past week,
while talking on the phone with a another friend.
" I won't vote for Obama" she said.
"just because"
What do you mean, because why?
"I don't trust him"
"because he's black and you know about that black attitude!"
What do you mean?
"Their hostility"
"His pastor was a flaming black bigot"
Oh, are you aware how long my family has been in the New World?
"But this is different!"
Is it? There are relatives with no last names in North Carolina. That means they were slaves,
either Indian women who were the first slaves in the New World or
Africans of which it is known that the white husbands possessed.
Most of us here in the US are like this, a combination of different peoples,
and most people are not white even if they self identify as such.
They are mixed blood. Americans.
"Well I am not prejudiced. I have a black friend with that black attitude, and I do not want that in my president."
Have you told your "friend" this? I thought,
as I reconsider our friendship.

Listen here.....
"Skin deep"

See, the thing of it is............
Look at what we have in the white house now!
He's "white",
he's male,
and he's dumb as a post!
And trustworthy ????????????????????

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 more years?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Preparation W

A lot of people have their heads up their asses,
but who else but bush deserves to have a product named after them that goes up a lot of people's asses?
Just joking ya?
But seriously,
there is a proposition on the November ballot in San Francisco
to rename the sewage treatment plant the
George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant.
It's not too late to move there so you can vote too, or maybe send a donation so the proponents can get some tv advertising.
Or if you're ever in Frisco,
"drop one in the pool for George"

Monday, July 21, 2008

They call it stormy Monday

and we'll wait and see about Tuesday.......

Cream- Stormy Monday-

Buddy Guy/Roland Kirk/Jack Bruce- Stormy Monday-

Hell, this one sounds good any day of the week......
Roland Kirk
Volunteered Slavery

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woo Hooooooo It's a gusher!

I needed to cut and grind some steel for a project I'm working on and before I could do that I needed to replace the pulley that had fallen off the belt/disc sander machine.
Putting the pulley back on was no big deal, but I couldn't get the v-belt back on the pulley,
so I started loosening the bolts on the motor mount so I could get some slack in the belt.
That's when it happened!
The wrench slipped and I rapped my knuckles on the inside of the machine's pedestal.
The edges inside there were not deburred at the factory,
so almost as soon as I made contact with it,
the damage was done.
A lovely little gash about 1" long,
cut all the way through the layers of skin
and bleeding like a stuck pig.
Because of where the cut was,
I knew stitches would be necessary,
but I hate going to the doctor,
and getting an emergency appointment at Kaiser sucks.
Too many phone calls,
too much hassle,
and a waste of gas.
So I suggested to my wife that she stitch it up for me.
She refused at first, until I insisted I would not go to the doctor for such a ridiculous injury.
Well, so she found a sterile sutre kit in the medicine bag and stitched me up just fine!
What do you think?
She should have been a doctor.

Friday, July 04, 2008

232 years later

After our foreskinned fork tongued fathers declared there to be "liberty and justice for all"
we may actually have a President who isn't a rich white guy!
Well, better late than never eh?
I know I've been sortuv trashing Obama here occasionally but even though I think he'll be a relatively crappy President, he's got my vote!
Maybe with a little luck he'll restore our great Democracy
and help to make being an American a little less than
The Great Compromise

I am a

What Flower
Are You?