Thursday, April 17, 2008


Heaps of bullshit
It comes from politicians
lame ass phonies
"the pope"
you name it
Is there a bullshit factory out there somewhere?
I know for a fucking fact that there ain't enough bulls in the world to account for all of it.
It's almost as though aliens landed in the dark of night and dumped a load of it.
Maybe there's a planet somewhere that's got too much.
I'm sick of bullshit
Life is too short
Is there such a thing as a bullshit defense system?
Hook it up to a bullshit detector and WHAM!
Zap that shit before it ever even has a chance.
Let's get the pentagon on it right away!
It's worse than any terrorist

Well in any event, there is a cure, at least a temporary one
It only lasts for a few hours, but what the fuck eh?
HERE is the cure

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pffffffffft.....Never really wanted to be a leader, or a follower for that matter.

People who buy 3 or more pairs of sneakers a year are more likely to be the leadership type?

Geez, I get one pair a year, usually at the beginning of summer.
These are just starting to get where I like them, all caked up with contact cement and with the area around my bunion nice and stretched out.

Has anyone checked Clinton's or Obama's shoe collection?
It could be the deciding factor.

New element discovered!

Scientists announced today the discovery of a new element.
Described as the hardest most dense material in the known universe,
the latest element Doh 103
has no known scientific or commercial value.

In honor of our 40th president, the new element has been named,

see here for details

I am a

What Flower
Are You?