Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thinking of voting for John McCain?

Think again!

McCain has mostly opposed using US power for humanitarian goals, jeering at proposals to intervene in Rwanda or Bosnia – but he is very keen to use it for great power imperialism. He learnt this philosophy from his father and his granddad Slew, who fought in the Philippine wars at the turn of the 20th century, where he was part of a mission to crush the local resistance to the US invasion. They did it by forcing the entire population from their homes at gunpoint into "protection zones", and gunning down anybody over the age of ten who was found outside them. Today, McCain dreamily describes this as "an exotic adventure" which his grandfather "generally enjoyed"..............More

Friday, January 25, 2008

Separated at birth?

Give Hair a chance!

Well, I was going to vote for Kucinich unless Edwards had a chance to win here in California.
Now that Dennis is out of it, my choice is a little easier.
Sure glad I didn't send him any money.
I've ruled out Senator Clinton because she really is part of the "business as usual" crowd.
I've ruled out Senator Obama because I think he's a mealy mouthed bullshitter.
So that leaves Edwards.
I went to Project Vote Smart
to get a better picture of Edwards and didn't find any great things to say about him, but hey ya gotta vote for somebody eh?
While I was there at Project Vote Smart, I was shocked to see how many candidates there really are and honestly, I think I would have thrown in my support for Emperor Ceasar.

Announced Laura Davis Aaron Democratic No
Announced Roland G. Aranjo Democratic Yes
Announced Warren Roderick Ashe Democratic Yes
Announced George H. Ballard Democratic Yes
Announced Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias Democratic Yes
Potential Peter Bollander Democratic Pending
Announced Robert Edwin Boyer Democratic Yes
Announced Ryan Joseph Brady Democratic Yes
Announced Emperor Caesar Democratic No
Potential Richard Edward Caligiuri Democratic Pending
Potential William Campbell Democratic Pending
Potential Kenneth A. Capalbo Democratic Pending
Announced Raymond Joseph Caplette Democratic Yes
Announced Willie Felix Carter Democratic Yes
Announced Hillary Rodham Clinton Democratic No
Announced Randolph Wilson Crow Democratic Yes
Announced Jack L Dietz Democratic Yes
Potential Edward Dobson Democratic Pending
Announced John Reid Edwards Democratic Yes
Announced Philip Epstein Democratic No
Announced Lou-Gary Espinosa Democratic Yes
Announced Nick Farmer Democratic No
Announced Michael Keith Forrester Democratic Yes
Announced Heather Fox Democratic No
Announced Dory Frank Democratic Yes
Potential Loti Gest Democratic Pending
Announced Donald Robert Gillen Democratic No
Announced Wrendo Johnson P. Godwin Democratic No
Potential Albert Gore Democratic Pending
Announced Maurice Robert Gravel Democratic Yes
Potential Richard Grayson Democratic Pending
Announced Gerald Lamar Hankins Democratic No
Potential Tish Haymer Democratic Pending
Announced Henry Hewes Democratic No
Potential Libby Hubbard Democratic Pending
Announced William Charles Hughes Democratic No
Announced Darrel Reece Hunter Democratic No
Announced Keith Russell Judd Democratic Yes
Potential William Keefe Democratic Pending
Announced John Joseph Kennedy Democratic No
Potential Caroline Pettinato Killeen Democratic Pending
Potential Thomas G. Koos Democratic Pending
Announced Karl Everett Krueger Democratic Yes
Announced Dal Anthony LaMagna Democratic Yes
Potential Tom Laughlin Democratic Pending
Announced Monroe Lee Democratic Yes
Potential Rich Lee Democratic Pending
Announced Frank Lynch Democratic Yes
Announced John Christopher Mason Democratic No
Announced Orleans Victor Mcfoy Democratic No
Announced Lee L. Mercer Democratic Yes
Announced Sal Mohamed Democratic No
Potential Leland Montell Democratic Pending
Announced Grover Cleveland Mullins Democratic Yes
Potential Michael Oatman Democratic Pending
Announced Barack H. Obama Democratic No
Announced Michel Anissa Powell Democratic Yes
Announced Larry Keith Reed Democratic Yes
Announced Jim Rogers Democratic Pending
Potential Gary Rostad Democratic Pending
Announced Ole' Savior Democratic Yes
Announced John W. Sawyer Democratic Yes
Announced Barbara Ann Scaff Democratic No
Potential Chuck See Democratic Pending
Announced Mary Ann Tomkins Segal Democratic Pending
Announced Scott J. Sheldon Democratic Yes
Potential Michael P. Skok Democratic Pending
Potential Ralph Spelbring Democratic Pending
Potential Philip Tanner Democratic Pending
Potential Evelyn Louise Vitullo Democratic Pending
Potential Mark R. Warner Democratic Pending
Potential Sandy Whitehouse Democratic Pending
Announced James Wellington Wright Democratic Yes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


"I'm sure people view me as a warmonger and I view myself as peacemaker," the president said.

Yeah , no shit.
You want to bomb this place and that place and take out so and so and smoke people out of their caves and if they aint for us they're against us and yadda yadda fucking yadda.
That makes you a war monger.

ˈwarmonger- noun
a person who encourages war(s), often for personal reasons
Arabic: مُثير للحَرْب داعِيَه لَها
Chinese (Simplified): 战争贩子
Chinese (Traditional): 戰爭販子;主戰論者
Czech: válečný štváč
Danish: krigsmager
Dutch: oorlogsstoker
Estonian: sõjaõhutaja
Finnish: sodanlietsoja
French: belliciste
German: der, *die Kriegshetzer(in)
Greek: πολεμοκάπηλος
Hungarian: háborús uszító
Icelandic: stríðsæsingamaður
Indonesian: orang haus perang
Italian: guerrafondaio
Japanese: 戦争挑発者
Korean: 주전론자, 전쟁 도발자
Latvian: kara kurinātājs
Lithuanian: karo kurstytojas
Norwegian: krigshisser
Polish: podżegacz wojenny
Portuguese (Brazil): fomentador de guerra
Portuguese (Portugal): fomentador da guerra
Romanian: belicist
Russian: поджигатель войны
Slovak: vojnový štváč
Slovenian: vojni hujskač
Spanish: belicista
Swedish: krigshetsare
Turkish: savaş çığırtkanı

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fear Edwards? The Money Party does!

" One business lobbyist, who asked not to be named, said Edwards "has gone to this angry populist, anti-business rhetoric that borders on class warfare ... He focuses dislike of special interests, which is out there, on business."

Another lobbyist said an Edwards presidency would be "a disaster" for his well-heeled industrialist clients".......................(link)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Congress to hold impeachment hearings!


So our great leaders have decided they have more important things to do.
Saving us from steroids takes priority over getting rid of the worst lying sack of shit administration this country has ever had.
Congress has received millions of demands from their constituents to Impeach Bush and Cheney yet they continue to keep it off the table in favor of completely un-called for investigations.
Scheduled for January 16th, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will waste their time and our money on hearings to determine if baseball players cheat.
Shame on them, and Henry Waxman who I thought took his responsibility as a servant of the people more seriously than most.

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